As I was thinking about what I would like to share with you for this installment, I came across a television program about the universe, from its' creation to it's present state, to the possibilities to come.  Stephen Hawking's death was the reason the program was aired, and as I watched I realized how closely the vastness of the universe is tied to the expanse of the human mind and spirit.

The program described a law of physics which allows us to understand that the universe is always expanding.  Forms that are moving towards us are imperceptibly tinted in blue as items moving away are tinted red.  We can see this in the matter of the universe which verifies the expansion.  I was blown away to hear this.  I did not have a physics class in high school ( I had to fit art class in my schedule, so something had to give ), so I had not been aware of this phenomenon. And yes, cue the Muppets song.

Painting for me has always been about growth, whether it be emotional, psychological or spiritually in nature.  I have always wanted to illustrate that process, with color and line representing events registering as if on an energetic seismograph.  I now look back and see the reds and blues speaking ever more profoundly about past, present and future mixing on the canvas and forming beliefs, behavior patterns and the very ideas that lead us to define ourselves through our stories.

We are forever expanding as we too are a part of the universe. The energy of our daily events can be like the spark of energy that created the big bang, pushing us forward and challenging us to grow and become more than we ever thought was possible.  The painting detail below is influenced by this idea, showing a glimpse in time of my internal universe. Perhaps the linear aspects are time, or possibly gravity, holding the growth while allowing for the controlled chaos.

This is one of several pieces that will be featured in my next online exhibition.  The pieces will all be created on a handmade paper, expressing the ideas of endless expansion. I hope they will echo with you and maybe affect your trajectory in unexpected but wonderful ways.

Maria Napoli